Letter to Office Managers


Hi, I’m Rex! 

I help medical providers - doctors, surgeons, OBGYN clinics, hospital managers, billing managers, and patients fix their healthcare payment problems! 

50% of Americans and 70% of millennials actually delay their paying their medical bills. They might delay their payments because they forget to pay, are confused by a bill, or are frustrated by the payment process. 

But did you know that 74% of patients who are satisfied with their provider’s billing process actually paid their bills in full, and on time? 

That’s where I can be a big help.  

See, if patients have an easy-to-use tool for their medical payments, it can save providers both time and money. The RexPay app allows patients to load and organize their bills digitally, which prevents bills from getting lost. It also helps them track bill deadlines, reminds them to pay via text notification, and can set up a bespoke payment plan.  

If that weren’t enough, RexPay even connects to patient’s insurance information to track their deductibles, and when patients are confused by their statement, the app A.I. helps explain the bill and their insurance coverage.

And the frosting on the cake? Instead of getting lost on their way to various payment portals, patients can pay their bills directly through the app

For you, this means less uncollected billsless defaulted balances, and more satisfied patients! 

By demystifying the process (and keeping all the important details in one place!) RexPay makes it easy for your patients to understand and pay their bills - making both patients’ recovery and your paperwork just that much less of a pain!  

I hope you’ve liked hearing a little about what I can do… but now I want to hear about you! Be sure to send me a message at sales@rexpay.com, and let’s get to work making everyone’s lives a little easier!  

Your friend,