Team Member Highlight: Kashuna Hopkins


RexPay is lucky to have a team of medical industry heroes! In our efforts to stop medical bill mayhem in its tracks, one of our rescue partners, Kashuna Hopkins, our medical billing expert, is an invaluable voice. 

A little over eight years ago, Kashuna Hopkins noticed a need, and fearlessly stepped out to meet it. Her colleagues in the medical world could not consistently find quality billing services, and so, gathering all her knowledge and experience, Kashuna built a business that has shaped and supported over 50 medical practices throughout the United States! She is now the CEO and owner of Favored Billing, a medical billing and coding company that passionately supports medical practices across an extensive range of areas!   

Kashuna’s own story has played a big part of that passion. She and her husband started married life together at a young age, which she describes as both a gift and a curse; she recalls that learning life skills together is a wonderful thing, but the process of navigating the logistics adulthood without a roadmap can teach some tough lessons. Nevertheless, it’s why she’s so passionate now to help others get the information they need to pilot the medical world with financial savvy. 

We are incredibly lucky to have Kashuna offer her support at RexPay. Her experience has provided us with invaluable expertise about the medical billing process, so that Rex can better support both patients and providers! But more, it’s her enthusiasm for others to develop financial skills and gain billing knowledge that has been the foundation of her voice in the design, development and content of RexPay.  

Kashuna’s wealth of knowledge has been especially instrumental in our endeavors to provide tips and advice to patients (especially first-time parents!) on how to shrewdly manage medical expenses. By providing insider’s knowledge from the medical billing world, Kashuna has verified all of the expert tips that can be found on the RexPay blog, website, and in the “Ask Rex” chatbot in the app itself! 

The RexPay team is comprised of experts like Kashuna, who have stories that have made them forces in the fields that allow them to uniquely support RexPay. Rachel Mertensmeyer, who started the company, has a keen knowledge of the patient experience. Victoria, who helps run RexPay’s sales team, uses her experiences as a Physician’s Assistant to give the provider’s perspective. Harlow, an expert in software design, built the RexPay product with 25 years of tech experience in both the software and finance industries.  

With a team built of so many knowledgeable voices, RexPay is meeting the challenge of creating an app that works for patient, provider, and biller in an effective, powerful way! Learn more about the RexPay story and the incredible team today by following RexPay on your favorite social media platforms and exploring our website.