A Letter From Rex


Dear Providers,

Hi! I’m Rex, nice to meet you! I love to help medical providers - many of my friends are doctors, surgeons, OBGYN clinics, hospital managers… anyone who needs an extra pair of paws on deck when dealing with medical bills.

If you’re a healthcare provider, you’re probably used to delays when it comes to waiting for patients to pay their medical bills. In fact, 50% of Americans and 70% of millennials actually delay their medical payments.

The reasons for this are pretty varied. Patients might delay their payments because they forget to pay, are confused by a bill, or just aren’t sure how to pay. 61% of consumers would consider switching providers entirely - just for a better healthcare payment experience!

I know that sounds a bit scary, but there is some good news… 74% of patients who were satisfied with the billing process of their provider actually not only paid their bills in full, but did so on time!

This means that if your patients have an easy-to-use tool with which to organize and pay you for your care, you will save both time and money. That means less uncollected bills, no more defaulted balances, and more satisfied patients! This is where I can be a big help.

See, RexPay is designed specifically to address all of the things that complicate and slow the billing process! The RexPay app allows patients to load their bills and organize them digitally, which prevents paper bills from getting lost. It also helps them track bill deadlines, and reminds them to pay via text notification! RexPay even helps patients worried about affordability to set up a payment plan for bills that are too much for some patients to pay all at once. But that’s not all...

When patients are confused by their statement, the app helps explain the bill, as well as their insurance coverage. RexPay also helps them track their deductibles and even keeps them informed about their HSA balance. Patients can even pay their bills directly through the app – instead of getting lost on their way to various payment portals. In addition to this, by offering a digital solution, the RexPay app helps meet patients where they are and helps you solve a 9.5 billion dollar problem. Sound a little crazy? Let me explain.

I recently learned that 61% of patients want to use a mobile app to pay their healthcare bills, and 90% prefer to pay bills online. You probably already know that healthcare providers in the US lose quite a bit of money because most of the payment processes are manual, rather than automated. In fact, it is estimated that of the 11.1 billion in annual savings potential around the adoption of more electronic and automated processes, 9.5 billion would flow to medical providers! Pretty big numbers, right? That’s why RexPay could be vital to your work as a healthcare provider!

By demystifying the process (and keeping all the important details in one place!) RexPay makes it easy for your patients to understand and pay their bills - making both patients’ recovery and your paperwork just that much less of a pain!

I hope you’ve liked hearing a little about what I can do… but now I want to hear about you! Be sure to send me a message at sales@rexpay.com, and let’s get to work making everyone’s lives a little easier!

Your friend,