From Injury to Inspiration: Part 2

Rachel Mertensmeyer tells inspirational story.jpg

By: Madeline Inskeep

RexPay CEO Rachel Mertensmeyer is no stranger to medical bills. After a freak accident in 2016, she found herself on an overwhelming journey that lasted months – taking her through the discouraging lows of a messy medical system and into the high of creating a solution to help others through “medical bill mayhem!”

Watch her story:

After 9 months, 38 separate bills, and $10,000 out-of-pocket dollars funded on her credit card, Rachel found herself in a state of shock. Surely there were more practical ways of managing health care bills? We all either have been ourselves or know someone under intense medical financial pressure; the stories about the chaos involved with medical bill payment are far too numerous to ignore.

So, with a little digging, Rachel was quick to realize that she was not alone in the struggle. Numerous friends and acquaintances had tales to tell about how medical billing had made their recovery more stressful. In fact, 20% of Americans have bad medical debt, not only due to the cost of treatments, but due also to the fact that patients often lose track of bills, or lack the necessary information to pay. Patients also often feel overwhelmed, incur late fees, or even receive incorrect billing statements.

The RexPay mobile app is designed specifically to rescue patients from getting stuck in a medical bill avalanche. The issues involved with medical billing can be overwhelming, but Rachel and her team brought their personal experiences to the table and worked to create a solution! Stay tuned for the product launch so you can try out the app yourself! You can also sign up here if you want to help us out by testing the app as a beta user: