RexPay Company Culture

RexPay employees gather for a picture.png

By: Madeline Inskeep

More than ever, it’s becoming important that a company’s culture reflects the mission and values it holds! Any company in an early stage of development is bound to require a few extra hours of work time from all the hands on deck, but RexPay’s culture encourages a clear work/life balance and a relaxed perspective on office work.

“We don’t mind if you work out of the office sometimes! It’s about getting the work done, not where you do it,” says RexPay’s CEO, Rachel Mertensmeyer. “The office serves as a resource - a place to connect and brainstorm with team members.”

Now, in an effort to create an app that promotes a stress-free healing process for patients, it would be pretty ironic if RexPay’s employees were stressed and unhealthy themselves! That’s why the office has committed to allowing the team to make time to keep themselves and each other healthy and happy. Inspired by the fact that exercise holds immediate benefits for mood and focus in the workplace, the RexPay team has even started an accountability chart. The chart encourages and tracks those in the office who made time to exercise during the day. The commitment doesn’t stop there! “Rachel has led [the team] in a lunch-time yoga class, and we have an ongoing challenge to work at our stand up desks every hour,” says Nicole Cortes, RexPay’s software engineer. “It’s just really great to work for a company that values health and work/life balance!”

Since the RexPay app itself is centered on providing patients with a way to increase bandwidth for healing and balance, it’s a comfort to know that wellness is just as much as a priority for the RexPay team as it is in the service they’ve built!