From Injury to Inspiration: How RexPay was Founded

Woman sitting in kitchen stressed out about medical bills

By: Madeline Inskeep

It’s rare to find people that are able to take the downturns of life and turn them into opportunities to help others, but RexPay’s CEO, Rachel Mertensmeyer, has done exactly that.

After a freak accident in Boston in 2016 that left her back and neck seriously injured, Rachel had to stop everything. In order to heal, her high-octane life in New York City was exchanged for a lifestyle made up slow movements and doctor’s appointments.

And medical bills. So many medical bills.

Rachel did her best to keep track of them. However, after six months of payments, cloudy-termed insurance documents, duplicate “reminder” bills, and the stress of managing different invoice formats across the board, all while trying to heal… she was overwhelmed.

“Focus on recovery,” she thought. “Deal with the bills later.”

When she was well enough, Rachel quickly set about tackling the pile of unopened envelopes and found herself with 38 bills and thousands of dollars of medical debt. She was not just frustrated, she was infuriated. Why should this process be so complicated? Was there a solution? “What would it look like to create an app to help people in similar situations?” she wondered. “In our there’s-an-app-for-that world, surely there had to be some tech solution that helped stop the billing barrage… something that would sort and pay the avalanche of statements?”

These questions became the seed for what became RexPay. After running the idea by a few friends, Rachel knew that the challenge of her injury had actually uncovered a significant opportunity: the chance to create a lifeline for others. And so, Rachel started building RexPay. What started as a little market data research in late 2017 grew into a business plan, investments, and on-the-spot acceptance to the LaunchPad Digital Health accelerator!

Now, nearly a year later, RexPay has a tight, passionate team and has gathered incredible momentum for a successful launch in March. Rachel is deeply proud of how the business has bloomed. More than anything, she is hopeful that RexPay will help rescue patients from medical bill mayhem and put recovery at the center of their focus – right where it should be.