Be a RexPay Beta User!

beta tester invite TW.png

We have had users testing the app all summer, and it has been going really well! Thanks to all of our early adopters who have downloaded the app and shared their feedback with us, we have been able to make so much progress on the product!

We value our beta users so much, and we have taken into consideration every bit of feedback they have given us. When one of our users makes a recommendation to us, more often than not we make at least a slight adjustment to the product.

Since our beta users have been such game-changers this summer, we want to encourage more people to join the crew! The more testing and feedback we get, the more we can fine-tune our product!

To be clear, the app is at an early stage and we are making many improvements to it all the time, but it is a functional product. Users can currently pay any medical bill to any provider in a matter of minutes. Users can also view their deductible and out of pocket maximum on the dashboard, and gain tips and advice about their medical bills from Rex.

If you are interested in supporting our company’s mission to support patients and help them avoid medical bill mayhem, or if you are experiencing medical bill mayhem of your own, we would love for you to download our app and see what you think. Any feedback that you have for us can be sent to

Another perk to downloading now, besides having highly prioritized feedback and the opportunity to shape a brand new product, is that early adopters get to use the app completely for free for the first year!

Go ahead and make your way over to the App Store, and use the access code: “Rescue me” to start setting up your account!

We really appreciate your support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback soon!