Patient Story: “I had a Medical Bill Mayhem Experience”


Last week, one of our advisors and supporters, Bob Allen, sent us an email with the subject line,

“I had a RexPay experience.” 

Bob described how he had set aside an afternoon to deal with a number of small medical bills, and encountered numerous problems and obstacles in paying them. He soon found himself a little annoyed. In his email, he described to us what happened with each bill that he tried to pay.

First bill

The first bill he was successfully able to pay. He logged into the doctor’s patient portal, and paid his bill through their third-party online billing system.

Second bill

The next bill payment also went through successfully. The only inconvenience here is that this bill required logging into another portal, with another login. However, the portal was a well-established, third-party billing system, so it worked smoothly in the end.

Third bill

For his next bill, Bob logged into the specified patient portal, only to find that he was unable to pay this bill with his credit card. The website only allowed bank account payments, and he wanted to pay with his HSA card. He was not able to successfully finish this payment in his afternoon, because in order to pay with his HSA, he would have to call his provider at another time.

Fourth bill

To pay this bill, Bob logged into the third patient portal of the afternoon, only to find that it was down for maintenance. He made a note to pay this bill later.

Fifth bill

The next bill was his wife’s bill. The paper bill that came in the mail didn’t contain any information about online payment opportunities, so he filled out the credit card information and stuck it in the mail.

Sixth bill

 The last bill was a dentist bill. There was no option to pay online for this one either, so, as Bob said in his own words, “we found another stamp and sent payment via snail mail.”


Here is Bob’s conclusion to his email that he sent us, in his own words.

“So to sum up – out of 6 bills, I was able to pay two online, two by mail, and didn’t pay the other two. Ugh – the world needs RexPay!”