Tired of Patient Portals? We are too!

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By: Madeleine Inskeep 

Did you know that you can pay your medical bills directly through the RexPay app? If you’ve ever struggled with multiple medical bills, you’ll probably recall that actually paying the bill can be an unnecessarily complex process! Some medical bills require a log-in to a provider-specific “patient portal,” while may others require that you pay your bill over the phone. This ultimately consumes patient time, and makes the billing process much harder to organize! 

Since this is one of the primary complaints of patients, we here at RexPay have worked to create an easy solution – not just by creating an app to organize medical bills, but by also designing a feature that will help make paying those bills much easier.  

That’s why one of the most unique aspects of the RexPay app is the Direct Medical Bill Pay function. It allows you to simplify your bill payment without the confusion and hassle of patient portals, office payment procedures, phone calls, etc.  You can simply pay all of your medical bills in the app!

First, RexPay will sort your uploaded bills and help you to automatically organize your outstanding payments. Then, when your bill is near to being due, the RexPay app will remind you, prompting you with the option to “pay now” or “pay later.” Finally, RexPay is also designed to keep your financial information secure, so that when you do choose to pay your bill, your card information will be safely stored in the app.   It’s ready - when you are, and not a moment before. 

During the testing process of the RexPay app, ten out of twelve people reported that the in-app Direct Medical Bill Pay feature was easy to use. One patient noted that the feature was “Very easy; much easier than paying through my doctor’s office,” while another said it was “easy, like uploading a check!”  

Want to see for yourself?  Visit the RexPay website and sign up on the Patient page to become a beta tester of the RexPay app! Try out the Direct Medical Bill Pay function - you’re just a few taps away from checking that bill off your list!