Emptying the Drawer of Displeasing Things

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 By: Madeline Inskeep

When asked how they organized their medical bills, one of the patients we interviewed described a “special drawer of displeasing things.” 

We all know that drawer… maybe it’s a physical drawer somewhere in your home, or maybe it’s a figurative drawer – a part of your mind where frustrating, time-consuming to-do’s get put away to deal with “later.”  

For many of us, medical bills find their way into that drawer, and since the volume of medical bills we receive can be hard to organize, the act of paying those bills can quickly go from merely inconvenient… to outright overwhelming. 

Any number of medical bills can (annoyingly) require different methods of payment. Whether you’re logging onto different ”patient portals,” or waiting “on hold” with a phone system to confirm your payment, the process is a nuisance.  Considering the inconvenience involved with paying many bills through different channels, it’s no wonder that medical bills often disappear into “the drawer of displeasing things.” 

That’s why RexPay is truly a medical-bill rescue app.  

RexPay is not only able to store and organize your medical bills, but it also allows you to make all of your payments in a “one-stop-shop.” That’s right - you can sort and pay your bills directly through the app itself! 

With just a few taps, you’ll not only be able to store and pay your bills - you’ll also be able to track your deductibles, connect to your HSA and file your billing and insurance information! And while RexPay’s AI is still in training, it will soon also be able to scan and track any errors or duplications in your bills, as well as provide answers to questions about your insurance plan! 

The disruption of illness and injury is stressful enough, but paying your medical bills doesn’t have to be, and neither do your bills have to go anywhere near that dangerous “drawer of displeasing things.” RexPay makes it easy to sort and pay your bills, ensuring that you save valuable recovery time - and that your “special drawer” stays just that much emptier!