We Want to Adopt a St. Bernard

St. Bernard dog equation graphic.jpg

Do you know of a St. Bernard dog who is looking for a new home and a new job? The RexPay team is seeking a qualified applicant to fill the role of being our new Rex.

Rex will be an important part of our team. He will hang out with us in the office, accompany us on clinics visits and work events, participate in photoshoots and videos, and through all these efforts, he will be helping to rescue patients from medical bill mayhem!

Don’t worry though, he won’t just live in the office by himself when the team members go home. Our Success Manager Colleen will be his personal owner and caretaker.

We have been searching for Rex for a few months now, so we thought we would go ahead and see if any of you can help!


  • Open to being showered with love and affection

  • Previous experience making people feel more calm and less stressed out (preferred, but not required)

  • Must be able to come, sit, and not make messes in the house

  • Desire and ability to learn new tricks and skills

If you want to help us find our very own Rex, please share this post with any dog lovers, St. Bernard rescue organizations, and anyone you know. If you know of a St. Bernard who might be interested in filling this position, please reach out to us. You can message or tag us on social media, or email us at support@rexpay.com.