Do you really need RexPay?

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 By: Madeline Inskeep

During the launch of RexPay, we’ve talked to so many people – some who’ve desperately needed the service RexPay offers, and some who have been fortunate enough to avoid serious medical issues and the billing problems that come with them!  

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones… you’ve never had an emergency trip to the hospital, or perhaps you’ve never had to dig your way through a pile of medical bills, whether your own or a loved one’s. If that’s you, maybe you’re wondering, Do I really need an app to help me with medical bills?  

It’s a good question! There seems to be an app for everything these days, but while time spent on mobile apps is increasing, most smartphone users in the US aren’t downloading new apps at the rate they used to. Maybe you just don’t feel like adding another bright icon on your phone screen to solve a problem you may or may not ever face! Sure, people who face extreme accidents or have long-term conditions might need something like RexPay to solve their regular medical bill influx, but does the average family really need this app? Well, we’ve answered this question with a few of our own! 

  • Have you ever received a medical bill and you weren’t sure what you actually owed? 

  • Have you ever forgotten your username to your patient portal? 

  • Have you ever wondered about the status of your deductible? 

  • Have you ever received a medical bill with an error?

  • Have you ever received the same bill again after you paid it?  

  • Have you ever lost a medical bill? 

  • Have you ever wanted to ask a question about a medical bill, but faced an endless hold-time or inconvenient office hours? 

  • Have you ever waited on the phone to pay a medical bill? 

  • Have you ever spent time going through your medical bills to figure out what your tax deductible is? 

  • Did you ever create a spreadsheet to track your medical bills? 

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, RexPay can quickly and easily offer a solution, saving you both time and money!  

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself needing to rush to the hospital after an accident; obviously, the best scenario is that you and your loved ones stay in perfect health! But whether it’s a routine checkup, an emergency surgery, or something more positive, like a long-awaited pregnancy, it’s always good to be prepared for the billing eventualities of our healthcare system. RexPay is here for just that reason – just another icon on your phone, but offering the help and organization that can make a world of difference in your medical billing process!