A Special Drawer of Displeasing Things

drawer full of pens, markers and paper.jpg

By: Madeline Inskeep

Understatement: Life is busy.  

Whether it’s juggling family and a career, or school and finances, or an intense social calendar, or – combination of all of them at once – it can be a tall order to find the hours or energy to address what we like to call… “administrivia.”  

We’re talking that mental list of things that always seems to grow longer… maybe just before you’re about to fall asleep. We all know what those thoughts feels like: “I should call her back. Did I RSVP to that event? I really need to organize that pile. Did I calculate that tip correctly?” and, maybe most pressingly, “When is that bill due?”  

Everyone has their own way of “dealing” with that list, and whether it’s a phone bill or a medical bill, we know that, for many, bills often find their way onto it.  

Whatever your organization system is for paying bills, we know that medical bills specifically can be a hassle. The differing formats, duplicates, errors, extra fees, insurance notes and sheer cost often makes the task feel impossible. So, while forming RexPay, we asked a number of patients if they had an organization system in place for their paper bills – specifically, their medical bills.  

One said, “To be honest, I don't. I look at what they are for and I pay them, but I don't keep track of it in some Excel document to look at what I'm paying for. I don't even know if I've received any duplicate bills…” 

Some “keep [their bills] on the dining room table, and then put them in a box,” and yet another described a “special drawer of displeasing things,” which, in our eyes, perfectly encapsulated the problem we all know too well. 

We all have a “drawer of displeasing things.” Maybe it’s a literal drawer in the corner of your kitchen, or maybe it’s a figurative drawer – a part of your brain where unpleasant, nagging to-do’s can get filed away to deal with “later.” For many of us, medical bills find their way into that drawer… and once there, they can be forgotten or mismanaged.  

Without an easy way to deal with medical bills, things like duplicate bills, billing errors, and due dates can be missed, causing complications that no one should have to handle – especially if they are still in the recovery process! That’s why RexPay could be your rescue app. By helping patients manage their medical bills and payments all in one place, RexPay offers an escape from the “drawer of displeasing things” and an onramp to a less stressful recovery process!