1000 Dollar Babysitter: A Story from the Patient Perspective

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By: Madeline Inskeep

Maybe you’ve heard of Million Dollar Baby, but have you heard of the 1000 Dollar Babysitter?

At RexPay, we’ve collected many kinds of stories from patients who’ve been struck by the messiness of the medical billing process - but the 1000 Dollar Babysitter particularly stood out!

Alli had been awake for forty hours. Her baby had arrived after a long and difficult birth, and would not sleep no matter what Alli tried. She and her husband were exhausted. At her wits end, Alli asked the nurse if it might be possible for the baby to be kept in the hospital nursery for an hour or two, so that she could get some much-needed rest. The hospital staff of course obliged, and after a short nap, Alli was able to take her baby home.

The new mother and her husband are in their mid-twenties, and Alli’s father’s insurance covered most of the usual medical costs surrounding their pregnancy. One day, however, while opening the mail, they were completely blindsided.

That single hour of hospital nursery use had cost them 1000.00 dollars!

No one at the hospital had informed them of the hourly rate of nursery care, or whether it would be covered by insurance...(it wasn’t)… and after 40 hours of sleepless labor, Alli understandably didn’t have the wherewithal to ask!

Thankfully, the young family was able to afford the cost, but after such an unexpected bill, they found themselves a bit shaken and scrambling to prepare for the future.

“Right now we are trying to financially plan,” Alli says, “We’ve been trying to put money aside, getting ready for a high deductible, and have just opened up an HSA. For me, the hardest part about medical bills is the anxiety.”

RexPay is designed to help rescue patients from situations just like Alli’s. Financial anxiety is no joke - it’s something we all struggle with at one time or another! But, at RexPay, we are fighting to lessen that stress and allow you to heal worry free… or, like Alli… get some much-deserved sleep.