Become a Beta Tester and Meet Rex!

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By: Madeleine Inskeep 

Have you ever opened an envelope from your provider and you weren’t sure how to interpret the document inside? Maybe it was a piece of paper that looked like a bill, but had the words, “this is not a bill” on it. Then once you realized you were looking at a piece of paper called an EOB, you weren’t sure what an EOB is or how it is different from a bill. This is just one example of a moment where you might want to have a medical bill resource on hand to ask all your questions!

There are many aspects of medical bills that are confusing. This is why the RexPay team is working to create a resource for you to answer all your questions regarding the medical bills you are receiving.

Introducing, “Rex” -- RexPay’s chatbot, now trained by the team’s medical billing experts to answer your questions! The more questions Rex is asked, the more he is able to answer – every question asked in the RexPay app helps his programming gather more information to give you the specific, personalized answer that you need! Currently, Rex is able to questions about insurance terms, billing processes, app navigation and usage, and he can also can converse conversationally to a minimal extent. If you want Rex to answer your questions, sign up to be a beta tester and start asking away!

Check out a few sample questions Rex has answered for beta-testers of the RexPay app: 

Here's Rex answering a patient question, this one about understanding insurance terms! 

Customer:  How do I know if a provider is in-network?

Rex: Contact your insurance company directly to confirm if a provider is in-network. Be sure to confirm before you see a new doctor or use a new facility for a test (e.g. x-ray, bloodwork). Paw tip: Re-confirm the status of each of your providers if you change insurance plans, even if it's with the same insurance company, as plans differ even when offered by the same company.

Rex also can give guidance regarding general billing timelines! 

Customer: How long before a bill goes to collections?

Rex: While there isn't a hard-and-fast rule, medical providers generally send an initial statement 30 days after the date of service, a second notice 30 days after that, and a final notice 30 days after that. What else happens at that 90-day mark? The account is also turned over to a collection agency. But not to worry, I can help you set up a payment plan the moment you get your statement at 30 days!

Rex also knows how to use his own app better than anybody else, so he is the best person to turn to when you want to make sure you are using the app correctly!

Patient: Can I add multiple insurance plans to my RexPay profile?

Rex: Your RexPay profile can indeed hold multiple insurance plans! I am currently singularly focused, however, and will track information for one insurance plan at a time.

If you have a question about your medical bill or health insurance, or if you’re just curious about how Rex works, then please visit the RexPay website and sign up on the Patient page to become a beta tester of the RexPay app! and get the medical billing rescue you’ve been waiting for!