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RexPay: A New Solution to Managing Medical Bills

We are a team of people who have been touched by medical bill avalanches and know the frustration it can cause. Being sick is a pain. Medicals bills shouldn’t be.

That’s why we are on a mission to rescue patients from medical bill mayhem by helping them manage their medical bills & payments all in one place.

Who is Rex?

Rex is our trusted medical bill rescue dog. He is always ready to pull patients out from an avalanche of medical bills and into safety and ease. Patients can call Rex to the rescue by using the RexPay chat bot or downloading the RexPay app (coming soon to iOS & Android).


What’s Our Rescue Plan?

At RexPay, we believe in the “win – win.” When we rescue patients from medical bill mayhem, we remove proven barriers while ensuring that healthcare providers’ receive timely and complete patient payments. Yes, that’s right, Rex rescues doctors too!

If you need rescuing or want share your passion for ending medical bill mayhem, contact us today!

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Meet the RexPay Team


At RexPay, we believe that…

Everyone gets a voice

Each member of our team deserves a voice at the table. Equality and respect are high values at RexPay, and we encourage open communication at every level within our team.

Our Team thrives on Flexible schedules

RexPay is a primarily remote, flex hours workplace. We enjoy collaborating in-person at our Phoenix office, but provide the flexibility to work remotely as needed. This allows our team members to prioritize family and care for their physical and mental health.

Work-life integration is a must

At RexPay, you’re allowed to bring your whole self to work. We encourage authenticity and integration of life and work. This doesn’t mean you can’t set boundaries as needed; rather, you don’t need to leave your life at home.

self-awareness is key

We encourage everyone on the team to assess how their personality and communication styles impact others. That also means leaning into strengths so all team members can work on problems that they like to solve.

Service comes first

We serve patients and customers, but most importantly, we serve each other. Our leadership is committed to serving the team and is willing to be held accountable to it.

playtime is important

Sometimes the best innovations are developed in the midst of play. Our team loves to hike, bike, and enjoy the beautiful Sonoran Desert together. We also enjoy celebrating wins or brainstorming new solutions over good food and drinks.

Does RexPay sound like a good fit for you?

Visit our careers page to see if we’re looking for someone with your expertise!


What’s Your Medical Bill Mayhem Experience?